Belarus – Hear the songs that probably won’t be picked for Eurovision 2017


On a cold day in Minsk, a brave gang of troopers gathered in a room and endured 67 potential Belarusian Eurovision songs. Fortified by strong tea and strong drink, they arrived at their shortlist. As in recent years, the 13 songs are all performed in English – allegedly.

And now the viewing public get to pick their winner on 20 January, when BRTC screens what passes for a national final. In keeping with tradition, this contest result is merely advisory and the likelihood of the winning song and/or performer actually making it to Kiev remains slim to non existent.

For your viewing and listening pleasure, OnEurope brings you the songs currently in contention.

Alexandra Tkach – Be stronger

Kattie – Wild wind

Vladislav Kurasov – Follow the play

Navi – “Gistoriya maygo zhytstsya

Anzhelika Pushnova – We should be together

Isaac Nightingale  – On the red line

Anastasia Sheverenko – We’ll be together

Iyul – Children of the world

Nuteki – Take my heart

Napoli – Let’s come together

Lermont x Julic – Heart beat

PROvokatsiya – My love

Nikita Hodas – Voice in my head