Chingiz Mustafayev for Azerbaijan in Eurovision 2019

On International Women’s Day, who better to name as your Eurovision representative than … a bloke? Chingiz Mustafayev will sing for Azerbaijan in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest singing ‘Truth’.

He was picked from a shortlist of four by broadcaster iTV as their next representative. The song naturally enough comes from a Bulgarian-Austrian songwriter – Borislav Milanov. 

Truth is apparently about a dishonest, toxic relationship. The song explores the story of one partner who betrays the other, leaving them with a difficult choice: accept deceit or break free from false illusions and “that freaking perfume”.

In 2007 aged 16 Chingiz won ‘Yeni Ulduz’, a TV talent show. Other participants – Safura and Aysel – have gone on to represent Azerbaijan at Eurovision.