A Dal – From deep in the bowels of hell

Adal winners

As Roy D Hacksaw would say, death to juries, as they nearly didn’t get the winner through to the superfinal, where the public voted in their … tens … to see rock band AWS (A proper rock band – not this faux rock that Eurovisionista’s are used to) triumph in the televoting to represent Hungary at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

If you get to see the ADal final, the guy’s face looked so stunned when he won it was unbelievable.

Here are the scarcely believable results

Song Performer(s) Jury Televote Psn
Good vibez Gábor Heincz “Biga” 4 6
Zöld a május Zsolt Süle 0 7
Azt mondtad Gergely Dánielfy 36
Nem szól harang Leander Kills 6 5
Viszlát nyár AWS 8  1st 1
Budapest girl Viktor Király 30
Meggyfa Tamás Horváth 0 7
I let you run away Yesyes 28