Despite the world being upside down, some things remain – LINK ADDED


As sure as night follows day and despite 2020 being a bit of a clusterf**k for many reasons, you can always rely on those Albanians for a bit of certainty in the Eurovision world.

They haven’t disappointed and have released their long list of songs for the 2021 Festivali i Kenges and, not only that, they’ve released them all on YouTube in a playlist (It’s on Song 1 so you’ll need to change them in the usual way)

Edit – The live stream will be available here :

If you can’t be doing with all the waiting around, it seems that the 18 finalists are already widely reported as :

2Orkestar Aleksandra Sofronijevića"Anđele moj"
4Zejna Murkić"Nema te"
5Tijana Dapčević"Ljubi, ljubi doveka"
7Gramophonedzie"Počinjem da ludim"
9Aca Lukas"Oskar"
10Zoe Kida"Bejbi"
11Sara Jo"Muškarčina"
12Ana Stanić"Ljubav bez dodira"
13Biber"Dve godine i šes' dana"
15Chegi & Braća Bluz Band"Devojko sa plamenom u očima"
17Marija Mikić"Ljubav me inspiriše"
18Konstrakta"In corpore sano"

so it seems we have lost, perhaps, 7 of your favourites.

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