Dutch courage keeps it in the family


The Dutch have been having a fairly good time of it at Eurovision in recent years – with the exception of Trijntje. After many (deserved) years in the wilderness, they’ve shown effort. Just the other year, they nearly won.

Today they unveiled their song for Kiev. Lights and Shadows from O’G3NE was trailed as a ‘power pop ballad’ – which turns out to be shorthand for forgettable. It has that ‘written for Eurovision‘ feeling stamped through it.

Super cute alert – it’s co-written by their dad, Rick, who teamed up with Rory de Kievit. The group is made up of sisters Lisa, Amy, and Shelley Vol.

They’ve promised a bit of glamour when they hit the stage in May, in the meantime, here’s the video. Make up your own mind.


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daStar Music
daStar Music
7 years ago

OG3NE wrote this song for their mother who is really ill.

The song is an hommage to all people who have lost a loved one, or who fear losing one.

I myself lost my mother due to cancer just a few years ago.

I think this song will touch many, especially when sung live on stage.

Ofcourse it may not be a very modern song, but still they will bring it in style & with class.

I really believe in them <3

7 years ago

Come on everyone, all together now ‘some day somebody’s gonna make you want to turn around and say goodbye’