EBU reverses Eurovision fan ticket decision


Yesterday we told you about how those beastly Ukrainians had set their faces against Eurovision fans. The official fan club (OGAE) was told there would be no special allocation, and that flag waving fans were not welcome.

What a difference a bit of uproar makes. The EBU waded in and told the increasingly clueless organisers that it was time to pull up their socks. Contest supervisor Jon Ola Sand brought us the good news earlier:

Early output from the rumour mill suggests OGAE members will be able to buy places in the standing zone, along with one seating block put on first refusal.

General ticket sales kicked off yesterday evening, with the first wave of seats for the grand final selling out within hours. More are expected to go on sale shortly. There are still plenty of places available for rehearsals.


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7 years ago

I think the fan tickets were sorted by OGAE and not by Mr Sand. Interesting that it’s been his ONLY comment on the entire catastrophe this week. He was conspicuously absent/unavailable during the NTU press conference as well. He has had MONTHS to keep the ESC2017 preparations on track.