EMA gets a make-over, well of sorts

Ana Soklič

According to our friends at ESC Bubble, it seems RTVSLO has decided their National Final – EMA 2021 – will be held on the 27th February.

We already know Ana Soklic will again be the representative, but what we still don’t know anything about is her song.

There were 191 songs submitted to RTVSLO and reports suggest that list has already been cut to three.

What we (also) don’t know is how many of those three will take part in EMA 2021. We don’t even know if its going to be a song presentation with the name EMA 2021, which would be a bit of a shame considering what a fine contest EMA actually is.

All we know for certain is that Ana and RTVSLO will make that decision in the coming days!

Keep em peeled.

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