Eurovision: Take 2 – Alternative versions of 2021 songs

Eurovision mix tape

By now, you’ll surely have tired of hearing the same old songs in the same old way, so why not dip your toe into our first (in an occasional series) 2021 Mix Tape.

First up, it’s “big-hair-don’t-care” Blas Cantó from Spain, whose giving us a decidedly Anglo-Saxon take on his song, reminding us of the good old days when songs got recorded in many languages.

Now, France with Babs Pravi live in her own living room (or salon to the French). I like to think that just like in a Zoom call, she’s got her slippers on.

Up for a taste of Switzerland live? How about this Spanish TV performance by curly-top Gjon’s Tears that set the bookmakers on fire a few weeks back?

As for Serbia, anyone who thinks Hurricane might struggle vocally, try this acoustic take on Loco Loco. It’s quite different … and (for me) a lot more fun.

Time for an unofficial remix. Eden Ahlene’s song for Israel – ‘Set me free’ – has been given the full gay club treatment in this choppy DJ Yuval Log remix.

Time to chill with a trance-like remix of the song representing Ukraine as performed by Go_A.

Hooverphonic from Belgium performing live on a very dark stage, you say? Why the heck not?

There’s more to come in the weeks leading up to the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest grand final, so stay tuned to OnEurope.


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