Eurovision Week 9 – Local news round up!

Well after being absent last week because, well, not a lot happened, this week we are roaring back with our latest edition of “What the Hell?”


And what better place to start than with Italy? Måneskin destroyed the field in the public vote and won the Sanremo Song Festival at a canter, and promptly reconfirmed their decision to go to the Eurovision proper. I can almost hear the queens complaining from my desk at OnEurope towers… but be warned, this is going to be Top 10.


In the other late-finishing contest, the Portuguese have decided to employ the services of The Black Mamba in their quest for repeat Eurovision glory. This will be the first Eurovision entry from Portugal entirely in English, and I refer you to my queen’s statement for Italy, because I can almost hear the language preservists complaining too. The song, though, has a certain charm and warmth.


it seems that the Eurovision Song Contest time machine has been set to the mid-80’s in Copenhagen, as the Danish public chose Fyr and Flamme to fly their national flag in Rotterdam. Social media users-who think they have a valid opinion-have universally panned this song, and for once, I tend to agree. What were the Danish public thinking – or were they?


In a result that has shocked no-one, Uku Suviste got his return ticket to the Eurovision.  In what ended up being a great final, Uku barely got any points from the jury, triggering what looked like a massive wave of televoter sympathy to carry him him through to the Superfinal … which he won quite comfortably. It’s not as good as last year’s song though.


And finally, the Melodifestivalen is still chugging along but, thankfully, comes to an end next week. This week, we had the Andra Chansen round where eight also-rans tussled it out for back door tickets to the final.

As SVT won’t let me post anything from this year’s live shows, feel free to enjoy this: