Finland in totally predictable shocker!

Saara Aalto

In (possibly) the most predictable final ever, the song that everyone thought would win, (Monsters), did indeed qualify for Lisbon by topping both the tele- and jury-vote.

Stretching three songs to an hour and twenty minutes of primetime TV is pushing it, but YLE packed the show with guest appearances and filler.

Monsters picked up around 40% of the televote, which somehow converted to 95 points.  The full – and completely predictable – result, looks like this …

Song Jury Televote Total Psn
Monsters 88 95 183 1
Domino 84 75 159 2
Queens 68 70 138 3


Catcat from 1994 were excellent in the interval though and, in a Eurovision twist, one of the songwriters of Monsters is the son of Scott Fitzgerald! It’s a small world is Eurovision.

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