France – Now then this is more like it … maybe

Now, France 2, this is more like it.  I don’t like your strategy of sneaking it out on a Thursday afternoon when I was on a train, thank GOD for Eurovision Apocalypse and their lovely webmaster I say but I’m willing to forgive you if you can put in more stuff like this.

Those mercurial French have one it again, produced a song that is modern but reminds me of the old school, specifically a hit by Annali Saaaaaaaaaaristo that some of the older Eurovisionistas will remember.  Maybe it’s the guitars, maybe it’s the tango, maybe it’s just an effing good song!

Clearly a great song and current favourite of people around the web, and rightly so.


Alma might have to tweak her voice and performance a bit live…. like… alot…


You giveth, and you taketh away France 2, you little scamps! – but for god’s sake… make sure she is totally prepared and you have a hit on your hands here…

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7 years ago

precisely what I thought.Good songs but the live version is a disaster.She was breathless at several points during the song. France 2 will need to fix it, and they have the time for that.