But does she like children and old people? – Read on

Macedonian broadcaster MRT has gone for an all-round thoroughly “nice” girl for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev: Jana Burcheska.

“But who is she?” I hear nobody ask. Well thanks to the magic of Google translate, I can tell you that in 2010 she came fifth in Macedonian Pop Idol. In 2011 she was appointed as an ambassador for the UNICEF Schools Without Violence campaign. And – most significantly for us Euro-fans, she entered the Skopje Fest song contest in 2012.

The MRT website claims that: “Her exceptional vocal abilities have featured in musical projects and collaborations with many established authors from the Macedonian music scene, including a cult Macedonian band “Mizar” with whom she recorded a song called ‘Heaven’.” 

So that’s all OK then!

Jana seems to have the right background – but what about the song?  We don’t yet know who the composers or the songwriters are, but that doesn’t stop the broadcaster from sounding a positive note.

“MRT considers that  Jana Burcheska, along with the author team composition will result in a modern and above all attractive Eurovision product, affirming her national character.”

So that sounds like another dated Balkan banger. I bet you are all salivating at the thought. I certainly am (oh yes can’t wait).

Seriously, it seems as though they know what they are looking for. Whether they (or more importantly Europe) get it remains to be seen. But it’s a positive statement of intent from a broadcaster … and I like that!


MRT has announced a competition to write their 2017 Eurovision song. It is open to songwriters from both Macedonia and abroad. The announcement comes with a worrying ‘no previous experience necessary’ clause, opening things up to deluded fanboys the world over. Deadline for submission is 25 December.


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