The Germans chose a faux Ed Sheeran

He’s ginger. He’s got floppy hair. He plays the guitar… no, it’s not Ed (who said he’d be up for writing an English Eurovision entry… which guarantees him never to enter a song cos he’s all mouth and no trousers).

Those Germans have chosen 27-year-old Michael Schulte singing an ode to his family,entitled “You Let Me Walk Alone”.

The ex-Youtube star and ex-3rd placer in ‘The Voice of Germany’ has been a warm-up act for Blue on their German tours and has done…. quite a lot of things according to Wiki without any of them actually standing out.

*anyway* – he won…. with the song below.

Song Performer(s) Points Psn
House on Fire Ivy Quainoo 22 4
You Let Me Walk Alone Michael Schulte 36 1
My Own Way Natia Todua 17 6
You and I Ryk 23 3
I mog Di so voXXclub 21 5
Jonah Xavier Darcy 25 2

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