Italy – Rehearsals are for rehearsing

Mahmood and Blanco share a moment
Mahmood and Blanco share a moment

Old OnEurope would have dashed off a report of the first run through and told you that as the gospel truth.

The first run through of that song was… poor. Mahmood looks like a Mormon who knocks on the door dressed in a black suit and Blanco, who couldn’t be arsed to move his concert let me remind you, is contrasted in white. It’s the vocal that’s the most surprising of all. It’s shocking. Mahmood goes from being perfect to the Eric Morecambe mix seemingly at will, and Blanco sounds as though he has never heard this song before. They are clearly pulling out of singing the song “properly” though and treat that first run through as a blocking run. Perhaps if they had been together two days ago this would not have been a thing?

The second run through gets a clap in the press centre, so I am told, that’s because it is 10,000 times better than the first. Mahmood is still a little off key at the beginning of the song when there is no music, but it’s Blanco that I am worried about. He seems to be a petulant kid that needs a slap because he is clearly not singing the song “properly” – perhaps he needs more time to warm his vocals up, I dunno, but he is the one that is pulling out of the high notes and, seemingly, not trying – but not in a good way.

The third take is better again, but vocally they are both still all over the place and sound as though they are straining, which is in contrast to Sanremo or the preview video. This rehearsal, and I must remember that is what it is, has left me cold. There is no warmth on stage and, considering it is a love song, there should be something. The black and white contrast, whilst I get it, just doesn’t work and there is little interaction with the boys apart from a hug at the end and a bit at the beginning. The stage is dark with white lights as well, which on full beam completely drown Blanco out of vision.

I’m underwhelmed and hoping that they have used this as a rehearsal and that it’s going to be better on Friday and Saturday. It’s going to have to be in order to placate the hoards of Italians that are going to be watching.