JESC Day 4 – Bit late… bit like your local post

junior eurovision

… always a day late, but bringing you all the good stuff … or spam, depending how you look at it. Planet work was a bit poo yesterday and I was properly ill too (though not like Andrew) so I took the evening off. Glad I’m raring to go this morning tho!


Looking at their final rehearsal video, it just looks so static and contrived that it really hurts my sensibilities.  Alexa has been told to move but she has the “sore throat curse” so can’t really say much more.


Nothing has changed (though, spoiler, I hear that the dress rehearsal has got rid of the hover board in the final third). I still have problems with this song and it still looks like a health and safety nightmare. All this needed was Dunja and some dancers, that’s it.  Someone has over thought this, and its going nowhere quickly.


Are the boys from Eurovision Ireland on drugs? It’s not in with a chance of being in the top three, because it’s totally the wrong song for this contest. Mariam may well have improved vocally, but really who between the ages of 8 and 14 is going to pester their parents to vote for this? I’m probably going to be shocked when it comes top five here, aren’t I?!


I’ve seen nothing to change my original assessment: this is modern and classy and has a shout. The girls have had their costumiers out and have put some bling on and put the top hat on a sassy song that gets me rocking in my chair. It looks good and sounds good. Armenia have nailed this with a perfect song.


YES YES YES! This is another song that has really hit the nail on the head. She still needs backing singers, but she has a voice that fills the stage. However, Lidia looks so lonely on the stage; I think that all she needs is some chums and this would have been it. Her voice suits the song and, besides, I know my way to Arena Armeec!

This would be a perfect winning song, grown up and modern, just performed by a young un.  Top five if not top one.


This is a good one as well.  Alexander polished the performance up nicely from the wiwi videos and he still does the hover board dancing, which to me suits. Something I didn’t see before is that ALL the backing dancers are on them! This, Serbia, is how is should be done. It doesn’t look contrived, it looks part of the performance. It’s light and fun and well performed. This is a contender.


I get to about 25 seconds and start dozing off whenever I hear this song. To me, it just doesn’t hit any of the right notes (a bit like Klesta on Tuesday). It’s just dull though, and dull wont get the kids engaged … or the adults ready to tick boxes. Sorry.


The question that has been posed on the webs is “Does this song stand out?” Well, if it were the grown-up contest, the answer would be “It’s the song with the umbrella” In this field, however, you have to be a strong song in order to get recognised (and points). Whilst it’s earnest enough, I think that it doesn’t stand out over the fun songs, or indeed the better entries. Nice and safe and mid table, but not a winner. Nothing has changed between the two rehearsals, either.


There are comparisons to be drawn between Sergei and this lot. They are both looking and sounding like nailed-on certainties, and if they were not Russian I’m sure they’d be up there. On merit, this is clearly in the top three. It’s performed to within an inch of its life, and the girls do all the right things and in the right places. My worry is, though, will it win? It certainly out-muscles Bulgaria, Poland, Macedonia, Israel and Ireland, but it comes over as a touch too stage managed.

No doubt it’s a good song, not sure Europe will want to give Russia the nod though.