Joost Klein is going to represent The Netherlands

So after literally no hype at all AVROTROS have announced the following on their website this morning – well if copying it is good enough for other organs, it’s good enough for you folks!

The Dutch artist Joost Klein will represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden. Joost Klein is known for his lively performances and he has been winning over a growing national and international following with his catchy beats and creative wordplay. His song was chosen from over 600 entries. The European hit potential of his song convinced the selection committee that Joost should compete for the Netherlands.

“Following a careful and multi-phase process, the selection committee ultimately opted for Joost Klein. There were a lot of entries from a wide range of genres, but in our view his had the most hit potential. In the song, you hear his familiar mix of party and nostalgia.”

“With his enormous creativity, we think Joost can put on a great show in a totally original way, and that the Netherlands and Europe are in for a positive surprise. We’re really looking forward to working with him.” Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen, chair of the selection committee.

Joost Klein said : Taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest is a dream come true. I used to watch it together with my parents, glued to the screen, year after year. It’s an honor to represent the Netherlands, and I’m committed to giving my all for the best possible outcome.”

So he is talking the talk – but can he walk the walk?  Well with songs like PTSD and Eismann in his back catalogue I think we know the kind of thing that we should be aiming for.  Here for your “enjoyment” is a playlist of his hits!