From Junior to Senior – Netherlands promotes more Alum…

The rather clumsily named AVROTROS from The Netherlands caught all of the Eurovision world off guard (well me at any rate … I was eating pie and chips) when they let THIS leak out on Twitter.

Top marks to AVROTROS for that sting by the way.

So, as I have intimated, O’G3ne – Lisa (22) and twins Amy and Shelly Vol (21) – have entered Eurovision before. They represented the Dutch in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest back in 2007, placing 11th. They were a bit shouty as you can see:

Luckily their voices have matured since, and they went on to win The Voice of Hollandin 2014. Their most recent (third) album, “We Got This” hit number one in The Netherlands.

A report on the official Eurovision website suggests media training – or maybe it came from their PR agency, perish the thought. When asked how they felt about representing the Dutch in Kiev, an unspecified one of them said:

“We are looking forward so much to once again represent our country. This is a new highlight in our career and we are going to do everything we can to make our country proud.”

The words simply ooze personality. Their song will be chosen internally by AVROTROS, but it will come from their own songwriting team (which may or may not include the girls themselves).

Either way it’s good that the broadcaster is not having a hand in the song and leaving it to those who know the act best.

The song will be released early in 2017.