Latvian TV offers early Christmas pressie with Supernova previews


If you’re already done with Christmas, and screaming at the telly to stop showing you that disturbing John Lewis ad with the farting monster under the bed, it’s time to switch off your telly and do something more interesting instead.

Eurovision might well be many cold months away (unless you live down under, where it’s many warm months away), but Latvian telly has decided to let us hear some of the 21 songs in the running for the 2018 Supernova.

This year there will be three semi-final shows each featuring seven songs. Two will qualify to the grand final at the end of February.

  • Agnese Stengrevics — You are my world
  • Liene Greifaune — Walk the talk
  • Mionia — You
  • Laura Rizzotto — Funny girl
  • Madara — Esamiba
  • Katrine Lukins — Running red lights
  • Monta — 1000 roses
  • Jenny May — Soledad
  • Markus Riva — This time
  • Edgars Kreilis — Younger days
  • Ritvars — Who’s counting?
  • Lauris Valters — Lovers’ bliss
  • Ed Rallidae — What I had with you
  • In My Head — Sunset
  • Dvines — More than meets the eye
  • Hypnotic — Pray
  • Sudden Lights — Just fine
  • Rahu the Fool — Oh, longriver
  • Riga Reggae — Stop the war U2
  • Katrina Gupalo and the Black Birds — Intoxicating caramel