Lock me in for Georgia at Eurovision

Circus Mircus

Circus Mircus will perform ‘Lock me in’ when they represent Georgia at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest.

The group is a Georgian progressive rock band, currently consisting of three members, and was formed at the end of 2020 in Tbilisi, when three local circus academy dropouts became friends and left the academy to start their own band.

According to a member of the band, the three “weren’t good enough, [we were] probably the worst in the crew, [and] that’s why we became friends. The band mostly plays experimental music, mixing numerous genres, each representing a life experience and the “inner world” of each member.

The group have shot a video for the song, but have decided in view of the Russian invasion of Ukraine that it wouldn’t be appropriate to make this available at present. For now, there is just an audio file with a message.

As with Georgia last year, the stage direction for Turin is once again down to Emilia Sandquist of the Sacha Jean Baptiste Group.