Manel does it for Spain (and your lover) at Eurovision

Manel Navarro

Manel Navarro will sing for Spain at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev.

Despite a wobbly live performance, he won the Spanish national final, Objetivo Eurovisión, with his self-penned song, ‘Do It For Your Lover’.

The winner was chosen by a 50/50 mix of expert jury and televote. To the delight of many, things went a bit car crash at the end. After the public votes were counted Manel and Mirela both had 58 points. So it was down to the jury to decide.

Javier Cárdenas voted for Mirela, but Xavi Martínez and Virginia Díaz picked Manel. The audience were not best pleased.

Shortly after the show ended, reports suggested that the website of Spanish radio station Los 40 Principales, posted an article before the final aired stating that Manel had won. The station has been supporting the singer in the past week, and employs one of the judges who backed his song. This being 2017, the public have done what they always do and launched an online petition.

Anyway, let’s put it all behind us. Here’s the song.