Mo’s Eurovision 2023 Countdown: Armenia


There’s something of a trend in this year’s Contest to take two or three quite different songs and pass them off as one. It’s one reason why 2023 is an unusually difficult listen. As an approach to Eurovision (where televoting is increasingly the decider), it’s ambitious, but for Armenia, it works – at least for me.

The first time I heard this, I fear my expectations were way too high. Armenia appears to be mounting a bid for Eurovision Powerhouse status. I didn’t find myself let down, ‘Future Lover’ just wasn’t what I’d expected. Brunette has written an ambitious song, and been provided with a genuinely well put-together video – another Armenian Eurovision thing.

I can’t deny Brunette could do with diction training – bookstores does sound like poop stores – but if she gets it, this song has it all. A clever lyric – albeit one collated from online memes, an impressive performer who switches from mournful ballad to ballsy rap and a certain something I can’t quite place.

I needed to hear it again as soon as it was over that first time through. I’ve heard it a few times more, and without having really given the rest of the pack anything more than a cursory listen, I’m going to stick out my elegant neck and suggest this might be in the running.

10 Points