Mo’s Eurovision 2023 Countdown: Australia


Voyager have been trying a while to reach Eurovision – and with the ABC participation agreement up for renegotiation, this might be their last chance. Looking back, Australia hasn’t turned out to be quite the contender they showed sparks of becoming – and televoters remain increasingly indifferent to their inclusion.

As a package, it’s professional, even if there is an air of Duran Duran album track about the whole affair. And not the latest Duran Duran – the stuff they did back in the day.

Song-wise, there’s little in the way of a hook, and nothing that elevates ‘Promise’ much above run-of-the-mill. As Aussie entries go, this is perhaps their most safe and mainstream radio-friendly entry yet. And radio-friendly rarely cuts it at Eurovision – ask Rosa Linn. Doesn’t mean squat though when it comes to the weeks that follow Eurovision. Again, ask Rosa Linn.

It’s not bad. It’s just not good either.

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