Mums might go to Iceland but ‘Our Choice’ – literally goes to Lisbon

Ari Ólafsson

Six songs got through two semi finals to battle it out for business class seats with Icelandair to Lisbon.

There were two rounds of voting. The first combined public and jury votes – just don’t ask me how the jury points were decided because it confused the hell out of me. All I know is that two songs went through.

There was then a very long pause before the second round ‘superfinal’ with two songs took place, and that was followed by another round of voting. (and apparently, a very popular prostrate cancer advert by all accounts according to Twitter). And then the result appeared …

Song Artist Televote Jury Total Psn Final Round
Battleline Fókus 12,859 13,091 25,950 5
Here for You Áttan 3,360 10,637 13,997 6
Our Choice Ari Ólafsson 18,408 17,453 35,861 2 Super Final
Kúst og fæjó Heimilistónar 17,619 14,183 31,802 3
Gold Digger Aron Hannes 14,848 16,090 30,938 4
Í stormi Dagur Sigurðsson 24,547 20,183 44,730 1 Super Final


Ari also wins 3 MILLION ISK – which sounds a lot until you convert it and find out it’s about £22,000. A tidy sum, but it’s more conservatory-building than life-changing. I wonder if that is more than when he competed in the Voice of Iceland.

Of course, you’ll want to hear it …

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