Norway’s song search comes to an end with a shooting star!

Celebrating their 60th Eurovision year may not have been easy for NRK, but they put on a series terrific shows, and the MGP Final was no exception.

For the first time in 31 years, the Norwegian Eurovision song selection show moved from Oslo, up north to the ironically named Spektrum in Trondheim (so not leaving Oslo behind completely, then). NRK made a slight change to the format this year. The ten songs were whittled down to four and then, after another round of voting, a goldduell took place and the winner was declared.

The Spektrum looked amazing and was packed out to see Ulrikke win the MGP beating off the competitors in the rounds as shown below.

Country1st rehearsal (30 min)Press meet & greet (20 min)
Georgia10:00 – 10:3011:55 – 12:15
Albania10:40 – 11:1012:35 – 12:55
Portugal11:20 – 11:5013:15 – 13:35
Bulgaria12:00 – 12:3013:55 – 14:15
Finland13:40 – 14:1015:35 – 15:55
Latvia14:20 – 14:5016:15 – 16:35
Switzerland15:00 – 15:3016:55 – 17:15
Denmark15:40 – 16:1017:35 – 17:55

A genuinely tense final round of voting saw her defeat Kristin by about 6,000 votes and get the ticket to Rotterdam!