Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 5/37 – Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan used to be known as the country that would pay the Swedes to get decent results and, indeed, their only win in this contest.  It seems, though, that they have lost their phone number because they have taken a step back musically in the last couple of years.    This year they haven’t made a giant leap back to winning ways, FAHREE spelled with all caps is singing a mostly average mid-tempo song that has nothing musically to write home about and, like so many of these songs this year, could be background music in a lift or other such non-descript place.

It’s a weary song that winds its way to the end of its three minutes but doesn’t do a great deal of anything.  Yes, it has the ethnic touches in the arrangement with Ilkin Dovlatov doing a bit of wailing instead of an actual middle eight but even that doesn’t get me excited.  I’m bored of it after one loop of the musical ideas and hope it ends faster than it does.

1 PointSome say it’s beautiful and beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.  I’m just glad we’ll only hear this once.


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