March 8th 1999 may have no significance to some of you - or indeed to those that weren't born - but that represents day 1 of this site's existance.

Now, we celebrate our twentieth birthday - WOOHOO!! - From humble beginnings to still being a small website now, OnEurope has gone through massive change but has kept one thing the same - we do it all for you...... and free stuff.... and cake.... but mostly you.

To our loyal band of viewers from across Europe and beyond I extend a heartfelt thank you for sticking with this through all the years and coming back for all of the nonsense that has been posted here over that time.  To all the contributors past and present, the current team thank you for all your hard work, typing, defending brickbats and everything else that has come your way.

Personally, this site has helped me through the ups and downs of life, but has always been there, nagging away at me to constantly update it and make the experience better and, whilst it has not become a behemoth of Eurovision, it's certainly the site in the dark recesses of the Eurovision World making its presence felt.

Onwards to the next 20 years, peoples of OnEurope.  If you feel so inclined, leave us a message below.  If you don't want to... pffft!!