Sanremo ‘big names’ revealed by Italian TV

Sanremo 2018
Italian TV has revealed the songs and acts who will compete to sing for Italy this year at the Sanremo festival. As always, it’s a mix of ‘big names’ and newcomers. The overall winner gets first refusal on a place at the Eurovision Song Contest final.

Big names


  • Mudimbi – Il mago
  • Eva – Cosa ti salverà
  • Mirkoeilcane – Stiamo tutti bene
  • Lorenzo Baglioni – Il congiuntivo
  • Giulia Casieri – Come stai
  • Ultimo – Il ballo delle incertezze
  • Leonardo Monteiro – Bianca
  • Alice Caioli – Specchi rotti

The 2018 festival takes place at the Ariston Theatre in Sanremo and from 6-10 February, and this time around are hosted by Claudio Baglioni and Michelle Hunziker.