Slovenia – A load of old balls?

LPS from Slovenia rehearsed their song Disko for the second rehearsal
LPS from Slovenia rehearsed their song Disko for the second rehearsal

I’ve always said that this song is as ill-fitting in this contest as the bad suit that Filip is wearing and the first run through that we see doesn’t do anything to assuage me.

The spotlights are, again, too bright – because they are reflecting off a massive glitter ball placed in the middle of the stage and the band are placed around the prop, with the drummer on a plinth behind as so to look like he is sitting on top of it. My first thought when it had finished is “what even was that?”. The only Disko trappings were that glitter ball and the whole song sounded like an ill-conceived school end-of-term dance night track, from the kind of things that my high school used to run and I never attended.

I often use the phrase “amateur hour” in OnEurope blogs and have done for several years. This, though, is the epitome of that. It looks, sounds, and feels like the band have wandered on stage instead of the actual Slovene entry and decided to “give us a tune”. and you know what? – when they fail to qualify, people in the Twittersphere will say they were robbed, and that no one likes the Slovene language, isn’t it a shame etc … but this competition is adults against the kids. The kids, are not alright.

On their second run-through, even the feed momentarily gives up and flicks to a static camera shot pointing at the floor. If the automatic directing system is giving up on you – that’s all you need to know.

They look totally out of their depth and will sink without trace and I’m sure for a GCSE music practical exam (and I have taken one of those in my lifetime) it would get quite high marks. This, though, is not the vehicle to showcase their talents.