Slovenia – A bunch of names and a few dates


Ema logoThe acts vying to represent Slovenia at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest have been named, along with details of how the song will be picked.

The EMA 2017 will feature two semi finals. From each, four acts progress to the final with Slovenia picking its entry on 24 February.

In the first semi final on 17 February, there will be songs from Amaya, KiNG FOO, Lea Sirk, Nika Zorjan, Omar Naber, Sell out, Tosca Beat and Zala Đurić Ribič.

The night after will see performances by AlyaMusic, BQL, Ina Shai, Kataya & Duncan Kamakana, Nuška Drašček, Raiven, Tim Kores Kori, and the intriguingly-named United Pandaz & Arsello featuring Alex Volasko.

To whet your appetite, the lovely people at Slovenian telly have put together this little video. Cutting edge it isn’t.

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