Slovenia Press Conference – Do they eat pizza or….

Well, it seems that the timekeepers with the lunch bell are running a little late, because this shower didn’t turn up on time! Either spectacularly late starting on their part or issues in the viewing room, you decide.

The song is about a broken heart, according to Filip. He has been cheated on and there is a contrast between the uptempo song and the emotions shown. The staging they are using in Turin is different to that from their national final performance (thank the Lord). Fillip states that everything is bigger, and they are happy with everything so far.

Different genres

LPS from Slovenia rehearse for Eurovision 2022 on Day One in Turin
LPS from Slovenia rehearse for Eurovision 2022 on Day One in Turin

The band’s sports teacher described them as lazy, that’s a bit harsh, but the acronym LPS is actually a backronym as it meant something completely different. The band also described something about their musical background. They all like different genres, and this song is not typical of the music they usually produce.

The standard fan question about “Who is your favourite song this year” got the predictable answer of NORWAY (well it’s becoming predictable) and, from a radio journo, which comic character would they become (apparently the answer is Spiderman, Superman, Ironman or Hulk … depending on which member of the group you listen to).

The most important advice they were given has come from the constructive criticism (again, their words). They are thankful to hear from people in the music world and they have been repeatedly told to have fun and not to worry about the result – clearly RTVSLO has not said this to them. As a follow up, they said they try to implement advice from their critics … I suspect they have not read this site!


Fillip said that Sestre were their favourite Eurovision song from Slovenia – definitely not the answer I was expecting – but props to the group for saying that. Again the inevitable pizza question was asked, but they have not eaten any … yet. It’s this kind of journalism that we have been missing!

They say that they feel no pressure being some of the youngest at Eurovision, and that it’s not a negative. It shows they have come a long way already, and they are grateful to be there – bless!!