Spain shocked fans by announcing representative on Lunchtime News

Blas Cantó
Blas Cantó

No… it’s not the late Peter Sissons, or Angela Rippon, but RTVE swerved their usual method of announcing their singer by using the opening of the lunchtime news to do it.

Luis Guilera, their newsreader, announced that 27 year old Blas Cantó will sing the yet un-named (and probably unwritten) song in Rotterdam next May. RTVE seem to think he’s the bees knees as they have described him as having: “a magnificent live show and extensive experience both on television and on stage. In addition, he has the love and support of the fans of the contest that every year include him as one of the favourite artists to send to Europe.

So no pressure then!

Blas has been unlucky at Eurovision selections before, coming fourth in the 2004 EuroJunior festival and then not winning the Destination Eurovision show in 2011.  At least this time there will be no public vote to stop his irresistible rise to the top.

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