Straight or gay or in between …

Samira Efendi

With just Russia to reveal its full Eurovision hand, today we were gifted the Azerbaijani 2020 entry.

Samira Efendi will perform as ‘Efendi’ in May.

There’s been much speculation around the song – Cleopatra – with the rumour mill insisting the song was offered to Germany, Ireland and San Marino. Some would suggest it created a bidding war, others would perhaps prefer to believe that Azerbaijan was the one left holding the box when the music stopped and found themselves lumbered with this leaden lump of nonsense.

Lest anyone forgets (or lacks Wiki skills): Cleopatra was the wife of the Armenian King Tigranes the Great. Given how things are with Armenia, it’s an interesting choice of subject.

Still, let’s  celebrate how a notoriously conservative/homophobic society is represented by a singer who dares mention the word ‘gay’ in her Eurovision song.

Shall we?

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