Swiss to be represented by Timebelle … Mp3 and Video?


Tonight, the Swiss picked their 2017 Eurovision Song Contest entry. Not alot to say beyond that. Six songs, Televoting and a convincing victory for Timebelle, picking up 47.88% of the votes.

This is Switzerland, a land where rounding up numbers is a sin, so without further ado, let’s see how the others did.

Nadya came second with 18.02% and Michèle third with 11.44%. Ginta Biku attracted 8.31%, Shana Pearson 7.56%, Freschta trailed with 6.79%.

Here is the live performance:

Listen to it here

If you need the Mp3, and who the hell doesn’t, quite frankly? You can listen to the song in our Eurovision Streaming Service:

Should you wish to download it – you can from here (By Right Clicking and pressing Save As).

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