Ten countries make 2022 Eurovision final

With the first semifinal over and done, ten performers will be having their delegation head call the hotel reception to extend their stay through to Sunday. Elsewhere, lastminute.com will be crashing as non refundable cheap returns prove not to be the bargain they first sounded.

Here are the ten qualifiers and where they will appear in the running order.

  • Switzerland – 1st Half
  • Armenia – 1st Half
  • Iceland – 2nd Half
  • Lithuania – 2nd Half
  • Portugal – 1st Half
  • Norway – 1st Half
  • Greece – 2nd Half
  • Ukraine – 1st Half
  • Moldova – 2nd Half
  • Netherlands – 1st Half

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2 years ago

Switzerland will.perform on 1st half.
I think we have found our song for the number 2 slot

2 years ago

I think they should put Ukraine in 2nd spot just to try and prove if it is possible to win from that position!