The heat is on – the time is right….

What am I?

I am a country who’s broadcasters alternate between each other  when it comes to entering the Eurovision Song Contest.

This year it’s the Dutch speaking broadcasters turn and they have decided to, seemingly, copy the format of a long running and yet very tedious game show of the alte 80’s and early 90’s.

However in this version there will be the following seven artists :

  • Ameerah
  • Chérine
  • Gala Dragot
  • Gustaph
  • Hunter Falls
  • Loredana
  • The Starlings (One half of which is Tom Dice)

They’ll all get to sing 2 songs which will be “showcased” daily, apparently, for a big final on the 14th January at Palais 12.  I think there is going to be two rounds of voting – the fir st to decide which of the two songs from each is going to progress to the final, and then the final itself – so it could be a very long night.

If you can read Dutch, the official announcement is at VRT’s webpage and apparently, should you so desire, you can get tickets to watch the damn thing as well!  I bet you can’t wait.