Those crazy Israeli’s have chosen… on a Monday!

Eden Alene
Eden Alene

Despite everything being weird in Israel, clearly they are no respecter of Eurovision norms by having what (sort of) passes for their ‘National Final’ on a ruddy Monday night!

It was a bit of an anti climax – voting had been running all week online  – with the song presentation being a lot of talking and background and the three videos shown in a programme that lasted just over an hour.

KAN didn’t announce specific results, but ‘Set Me Free’ (below) is the Israeli entry for 2021.

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2 years ago

I think that the idea that people had that it’s going to be a national final was erroneous from its inception. It was first and foremost a song presentation event. What I assume is that since last year’s Kan did produce a national selection of the more traditional variety fans thought this year would be the same, but with the past year being as it was, it made more sense to have a live broadcast that would be affordable, as risk-free as possible and that would showcase more than just Eden. It’s important to remember that even though us fans have a shared interest in the selection of every song for every country, we are not the target audience, but the local is. Being Israeli, I loved how this program actually put the song-writing teams as centre-stage as Eden was. Being an Israeli I of course enjoyed it very much as we got to hear a lot about Eden, her past experiences being a young Israeli-Ethiopian woman. It will be interesting to see what they do with the song, how it will be presented and how well it will do. Israel doesn’t have a history of choosing a song so early on in the season, so it’s an interesting change.