Vidbir 2020 – who’s hoping for Ukrainian Eurovision job?


After a year of spectacular mismanagement, Ukraine returns to the Eurovision family with another edition of Vidbir.

Sixteen acts have promised not to work in (or even mention Russia) in exchange for a two-week stint in Rotterdam.

Intriguingly one hopeful goes by the name of ‘Assol’ – fun for commentators everywhere, given they already face the prospect of announcing Czech group We all poop.

Vidbir 2020 features two semi-finals (8 and 15 February) with the grand final taking place on Saturday, 22 February. A jury will ask difficult questions of the 16 acts and their votes count for half of the final scores. The rest is down to viewers. There’s no Jamala this time round, instead we get Verka Serduchka, Tina Karol and radio boss Vitalii Drozdov.

First semi-final

1Milan Bujaković & Olivera Popović"Niti"
2Hurricane"Hasta la vista"
3Neda Ukraden"Bomba"
4Andrija Jo"Oči meduze"
5Igor Simić"Ples za rastanak"
6Thea Devy"Sudnji dan"
8LIFT"Samo mi kaži"
9Ana Milenković"Tajna"
10Naiva"Baš, baš"
11Marko Marković"Kolači"
12Bane Mojićević"Cvet sa Prokletija"

Second semi-final

1"Beautiful Disaster"0005
2"Cherry Red"1233
4"Alcohol You"55101