Vidbir 2023 – Bombproof but will the songs be?

Ukraine TV (Suspline) are, somehow, managing to have a national final with televoting and jury.  They are going to be hosting it in, I kid you not, Maidan underground station right in the centre of Kiev – Understandable that they have it somewhere bomb proof, you know, just in case.

The list of songs are shown below and we can imagine that there is not going to be a lot of fun to be had between them so expect lots of heavy going on December 17th when they will transmit the show live.   English, Ukrainian or a mix of both for the songs with “The languages of an aggressor state” were not allowed.   They had over 350 songs and a jury whitteled them down to the lucky, if thats the word, songs.

Song Performer(s)
Kvitka 2Tone
Stronger Angelina
Alive Demchuk
Dovbush Fiinka
When God Shut the Door Jerry Heil
Kolyskova Krutь
I’m Not Alone Moisei
Oy, tuzhu Oy Sound System
Ia vdoma Tember Blanche
Heart of Steel Tvorchi