What have we gleaned from JESC Sneak peeks?

As there are no on the ground reporters this year us press have to rely on the sneak peeks that the EBU put out in order to give the six of you that read this their content fix. As you can imagine, if you have been following Adult Eurovision of late, the EBU are being very protective of any performance video, and restricting it to a snatch from each recording session. So, from that, what can we glean from the first half dozen?

Firstly, one can assume that the Russian delegation were not happy, as the EBU has taken down their sneak peek. We can’t be sure (of course), but they only tend to do that if the delegation raises issues about the performance.


Nothing in this sneak peek dissuades me from thinking that it’s going to be very busy and a touch annoying on stage and seemingly there is going to be a costume change as well, because if all else fails… People are touting this as a contender – I can’t see that.


The suit Petar wears for the live performance is not sartorial excellence at its best, and this could add to the worry I have for this song which was that people are just going to forget it. There is only going to be him on stage, and I don’t think he fills it with his voice. He seems happy and smiley, but if he was an adult performer I’d suspect he already knows he’s going to finish in a lowly position.


Spain think they are onto a winner, mind you they always do that no matter what contest they are in, so I should temper my shocked face here. Solea does nothing other than reinforce what I first thought of of this song, that it’s written too high for her and her voice is a little grating. Also, as predicted in the first preview show, they have indeed gone for the posse of backing singers to distract from the perceived weakness of the song. Don’t be surprised too if you see Spain’s backing dancers wearing masks on Sunday evening – if this was a recording of that performance, that’s what they have on.

The Netherlands

Unsurprisingly, from the best song in the contest we get the best and longest backstage video, and who says that the EBU don’t have favourites? It looks like the girls are going to have a cohesive look with the addition of them, seemingly, coming out through doors. They genuinely look confident in their abilities which in this field is going to count for a whole lot more – even more so, when they get yet more positive reinforcement into the video by teaching you the dance steps.


Along with the Netherlands, this is the stand-out song of the first five. Olexandr gave off the impression of a good singer in the preview, and from what I’ve seen of the performance – solo on stage with a ball of light in his hand – he’s continuing that impression. It looks good, he knows where the camera is, it doesn’t seem to be too busy and is focused on the song and the singer, rather than being mad busy. He comes across as stage-school confident in the little bit of an interview but not to the point of being slappable. All good!

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