Who’s in favour with Lukashenko this year?


Tonight the act and song that get to represent Belarus was chosen by a (let’s just call it a) 50/50 viewer/jury vote,

Twelve acts took to the stage in “600 Metrov” studio in Minsk with VAL picking up economy return tickets to Amsterdam and a saver train connection down to Rotterdam.

The song we’ll hear in May is called ‘Da vidna’. Here’s hoping she’s going to keep that macrame pot holder hat in a safe place until May.

1G-Nation"Bite Me"1145565
2Erica Padilla"To the Bottom"2025459
3Seann Miley Moore"My Body"1852311
4Charley"I Suck at Being Lonely"3330634
5Andrew Lambrou"Electrify"1635517
6Sheldon Riley"Not the Same"50501001
7Paulini"We Are One"3220526
8Jaguar Jonze"Little Fires"5140913
9Isaiah Firebrace and Evie Irie"When I'm With You"35104510
11Jude York"I Won't Need to Dream"3215478

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