Romania – When I saw Ruslana, I knew I wanted to be there!

WRS answers questions at Eurovision 2022
WRS answers questions at Eurovision 2022

Apparently WRS is a play on words on his surname which means “Bear”.  Within the first few sentences, he describes himself as a control freak – presumably setting the scene for what is to follow.

Sure enough, matters descend into chaos when he insists on calling his team onto the press conference stage. When things settle, WRS goes on to say that he is self confident about performing, but not overly so, and that he owns his dream … and he guesses that must be the same for everyone in the Contest. Eurovision is great in that it gives so many different people a chance to share their art.

Call me

WRS from Romania rehearsed his song Llámame for the first time at the PalaOlimpico in Turín
WRS from Romania rehearsed his song Llámame for the first time at the PalaOlimpico in Turín

Llamame means “Call me” and apparently he wants to call the Gypsy Kings or Rosalia (whoever she is!) … if he could call anyone today. The song has a Spanish vibe because his family constantly watched telenovelas when he was young and he learned to read and write in Spanish.

Apparently Italian and Romanian are similar, and he can understand a bit of Italian when he hears people talking around him in Turin. As for his earliest Eurovision memories, he talks about watching every year with his mother when he was younger. Specifically he mentions Ruslana as the first time he noticed how important choreography was becoming to the show (When he was 11 – that’s aged me!). The Contest helped shape his dream of becoming an artist, and when he saw Ruslana win, he wanted to be there!

Big dinner

He wants to record a song with Ronela from Albania. The two delegations went for dinner yesterday, and he ate a lot, despite looking as thin as a rake. Torino has a large Romanian community and he has already met some but he doesn’t know if the diaspora vote will help him.

He says he is like a bear and hibernates during the winter by sleeping quite a lot (a whole nine hours) and he says he gets complimented that he doesn’t look 29 rather 22.

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