It lives … still

Moi Moi loving punters!

Don’t worry, I haven’t fallen down a well or offed myself after Andorra’s untimely demise. I’ve just moved hostels and the new place hasn’t got free web access – and it’s blinking miles from the lovely free EuroVillage weberations.

So you’ll be wanting to know who is for the wonning then? Of course everyone’s knows it’s going to be Ukraine, right? Everyone’s speaking of it with fear and inevitability in the same way they talk of an ever creeping plague. Well, I’m of the school of thought that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Well, I have owned and album of his for a good while, so I can’t knock it – and I love the some and the jump style dancing of the routine too. But I don’t think it’s a given.

Latvia is still looking fabulous and gives me the tingles every time I hear it, Slovenia is building up a fair head of steam and could trouble the rankings come the end with her bonkers Sarah Brightman on better drugs shtick, and you can’t discount either the little Jimmy Krankie from Serbia or that nice boy from Belarus.

Hungary is the name that everybody is muttering admiringly under their breath, and Turkey is looking ever more dangerous. And of course Moldova has fantastic pants. Fantastic.

Have I mentioned them all yet? Not quite. Even Lithuania has its merits -if they ever manage to get it on stage without leaving Hungary’s suitcase on stage like they did last night. And aside from Armenia and perhaps the UK – well Franko is sat next to me after all and he thinks it’s plumb fave for last – I reckon they all stand a pop for top five.

So who do you think then??? You’ll know better than us, I’m sure…