Look out Athens – OnEurope’s headed your way!

Congratulations to Greece – I didn’t think you were going to do it and I was starting to think we’d be heading back to our old haunts in Riga for a while. But I’m already looking forward to returning to my rightful position as an OnEurope Cultural Attache in 2006. Rock on!

I won’t attempt to reconstruct the full results here, as they’ll be online soon.

I’ve just been on the phone to the Managing Director of OnEurope, and he says that they were a bit freaked early on in the voting but think Athens is warm and sunny and has lots of lovely Olympic hotels.

He was also walking past various tents en route to the press centre, and it seems that the BBC are not looking happy and NDR are REALLY not looking happy. Are we surprised by this? Not really.

Right, must end this missive as information overload is starting to set in.