Austria – ain’t nobody but Cesar


It’s Austria now, time to have a good old ogle at lovely Cesar Sampson. Steady myself! It’s not even midday yet, and I’m all come over.

Blimey! Cesar’s down on his knees in front of me. Well, not actually in front of me, but in front of my very eyes on the screen. I need to remember to review the song here…

I needn’t have bothered putting Cesar on a pedestal, as he’s put himself atop of one for me. He’s on a platform raised high, illuminated from below with a single follow spot picking out the fine figure of Cesar. It lowers to reveal backing singers lined up behind. There’s an overlay of a topless Cesar – filling the screen – it’s a moment for me!

Cesar’s in silver grey, a shiny sweatshirt, and drop-crotch fashion slacks. And smouldering, to be brutally frank.

He leaps down and has a little run along the front catwalk, something which needs a bit more timing, and a big less exaggerated swagger, but hey, I can forgive him a lot. This is great, even objectively, trust me; it feels like it’s a ‘moment’. His vocals are great, and the ‘choir’ backing really enhances the sound. How exciting. Cesar could be very big indeed.

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