Cesár raises us up


Cesár next up, looking smouldering in shiny silver grey ‘drop crotch’ trousers and grey long sleeved top, guess it was too much to expect him to show us his ‘big guns’?! 

The song starts in close up in semi-shadow, and as the chorus gets going the spotlights come on and we realise he’s atop a raised stage. There’s an overlay shown onscreen of a giant image of him as a backdrop, which works … however the raised stage has lots of lightbulbs making it look slightly like something at a fairground (my only real criticism). Generally, however, the lighting is very good with pulses of spotlights in time to the beats of the chorus and flashes around the arena as he moves onto the catwalk. 

I really like this song, but was worried before Lisbon that he wouldn’t be able to cope with the transition from backing vocalist to lead. I needn’t have been. He’s totally charismatic and really knows how to work it. He’s oozing confidence as he moves along the catwalk, and this will be a real moment to interact with the fans and up the energy in this semi final after the commercial break.

The vocals are strong and the staging really lifts it up, A+ Osterrich for effort, we will be seeing you on Saturday with a good draw I feel. 

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