Don’t throw stones, just drumsticks


Swiss Zibbz up now, and pretty much as you would expect after seeing the Swiss national final. Coco has a burgundy colour theme running through her styling with her hat and some old hand towels hanging off her microphone stand. Sanna-esque spotlights rise up from the base of the drum kit to frame the stage. 

She’s angry, very angry, and throws one of the drum sticks she has away at the start and pretty much physically abuses her poor microphone for most of the song. She’s in full ‘rock chic concert mode’, strutting and dashing around using the catwalk and the bridge and even giving a husky shout to the audience to “raise your hands if you’ve ever been hurt.” 

Stef bangs his drum in time and looks attractive (as always), even when she jumps on top of his bass drum at the end! He even forgives her and joins her at the front for the smiley last note to the camera. Perhaps her Valium has kicked in?

This is unremarkable musically to me, but they give a solid performance. In the final run-through she finds a handheld torch for a pyro moment. They’ve done pretty much what anyone would have done with the ingredients they had to work with. 

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