Switzerland – keeping it in the family


Switzerland completes out after lunch trio. We get a 20-minute break after this, and it can’t come quick enough. The brother and sister Zibbz are on stage, he behind a drum kit, she in a rock-kid get-up with trademark wide-brimmed hat and a sort of skimpy leather bodice that looks like it’s made out of lots of those friendship bracelets you buy in gift shops for a couple of quid.

They add to the Swiss national final performance with Coco going for a walk up up on to the bridge, dragging her mic stand, and then on to the front catwalk. Here she speaks to the audience with a call out for anyone who’s ever been hurt to put their hands up, before coming back and climbing over Stef’s drumkit. There’s a nice effect with a set of spotlights beaming up from the floor around Stef and a string spot beam effect over the audience.

Since it was chosen, I’ve not thought this had the impact to qualify, and whilst there’s nothing wrong with it this hasn’t changed my mind. The spoken bit in the middle feels very out of place – like it belongs in a live gig, not a TV show. Ultimately, the song is just weaker than its competition.

Monty x

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