Albania’s Kejtlin shows us how it’s done

For a slight 11-year-old on a large stage in a cavernous arena, you’d think Kejtlin would be daunted – but she’s anything but. A very confident rendition of Pakëz Diell. Overall, it’s a simple performance, a background of warm colours glows behind her with a few flourishes from wide camera angles and a good mix of close ups too – which I appreciate enormously as it allows Kejtlin’s stunning vocals to do the heavy lifting. Such a powerful voice from someone so young is hugely impressive and I’m sure juries are going to respond well to this. One thing I would like to see more of that I think would help boost the performance is a little more connectivity with the camera. Kejtlin is singing to the arena, which will ensure a great show for them – but by looking into the camera, she’ll hopefully draw in a few more televoters too that’ll help lift Albania up the scoreboard. Overall, a really solid effort!