How do you say “rock out” in Portuguese?

Nicolas Alves
Nicolas Alves by Corinne Cumming-EBU

Last up today, we have Portugal, who are being represented by Nicolas. It’s all quite dark and indie on stage, and such a gravelly and harsh guttural voice coming from such a young child is a little jarring – but then again, I guess all of us who appreciate rock started out as rock babies… nice to see the next generation of rockers coming through! Some of the camera angles and motions feel a bit haphazard too, but I get that this is part of the vibe they’re going for.

He’s got voice and stage presence, but he’s falling into the trap all rockers fall into at televised contests… he’s so into performing that he’s either got his eyes clenched shut to belt out those notes OR he’s performing to the crowd in the arena… and more often than not, both. I’ve only seen him look at the camera once (maybe twice?) so far and it’s been a fleeting glance. That’s going to be an issue when the votes start rolling in.

Nicolas, abre os olhos… connect to the camera. You’ve got the only rock song this year and you’ve got personality by the bucketful (bravo, for both!!) – open your eyes, look into the camera and you’ve got a trio of good things working in your favour. The fact you thanked the would-be audience in Armenian (rather effortlessly too as shnor-ha-ka-lu-tyun doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue!!) got a round of applause from the Armenian press here – so they’re willing you to do well!