Life is ahead of North Macedonia – and their best placing at Junior Eurovision too?

I remember listening to this song for the first time and feeling like it was a song of several parts – which left me wondering how it was all going to fit together on stage. And I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised!

It’s a very upbeat number and has been staged in a colourful and fun way, allowing each of the artists to take a turn in the spotlight – which is always a concern when a group are presented as 3 individuals (the whole Bette Davis and Joan Crawford deal, who gets top billing?) The social media alerts at the beginning are really going to resonate with younger viewers. It’s well choreographed, slick and keeps you watching, which will keep it in the minds of potential televoters.

These are only rehearsals, but I would like to see the energy kicked up a notch – they sing their life is ahead of them, so be really excited about it!! But that’s a minor detail that is easily rectified. As we know, North Macedonia have a bit of an unfortunate history with Eurovision… I’d love to see this change their fortunes and I think this package has a lot of what it needs to do that. Фантастично! Со среќа!

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